About CCP

We are affiliated with virtually every major hospital in the region and serve patients from offices in all five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties. In keeping with our deep Philadelphia roots, we prize our independence, which gives us the freedom to partner with many institutions and to refer our patients to those which are most appropriate for their care. We welcome you to explore and learn more about over 100 cardiologists we have on staff, the services we offer and conditions we treat. Please contact us to make an appointment online or by telephone. Or if you have an immediate question, please feel free to reach us by phone at one of our 36 office locations.

Mission Statement

The Mission of CCP is to improve the health of our patients through the provision of the most comprehensive cardiovascular care, research, and education possible. We strive to continuously advance our relevant knowledge in order to improve the service we provide to our patients, referring physicians and community. We are committed to forging longstanding relationships with our patients, referring physicians, shareholders and employees. We adhere to prudent business practices to ensure the long-term fiscal health of our organization.

Ethics Policy

CCP is a professional organization committed to the healing mission of Medicine. All patients are treated with full effort and resource utilization as indicated by their condition. All activities of CCP support the healing mission of offering health services to our patients on the basis of our core values.

Leadership Team

At CCP, independence begins at the top.

As an independent organization, CCP is governed by an independent Board of Directors who, alongside executive management, oversee the activities and determine the course of our organization. Learn more about our dedicated management team.

Our Locations

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We, the physicians of Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia, remain steadfast in our belief that the trust inherent to the patient/physician relationship is the cornerstone of our practice; that our first obligation will always be to provide the best and most comprehensive care to our patients. 

While we do not, as a rule, hold public position on political issues, we instead view the recent Supreme Court decision limiting a women’s rights as a healthcare issue, one which we feel constitutes a violation of that trust.

We believe that no local, state, or federal authority has the right to legislate treatment guidelines that have always been and should forever remain between a patient and their treating physician.  Furthermore, we are unified in our unshakable belief that no criminal action or civil penalties should ever be considered against any physician who is acting in the best interests of their patients.