Providers and Affiliates


Affiliated with almost all of the region’s leading hospitals and healthcare institutions, CCP is proud to be the most accessible independent cardiology practice in the Philadelphia area. Spanning across all 5 Southeastern Pennsylvania counties, our team of surgeons and specialists work with more than 35 local cardiovascular centers, supplying patients with a plethora of locations they can go to in order to receive outstanding care from our expert physicians.

Our connections with these affiliates have given us the means to provide patients with superior cardiac care since the very beginning. But because of the independent structure of our practice, CCP physicians are never restricted to a specific hospital chain or network. This means our doctors are free to refer patients to whomever they deem is the most qualified and capable of handling their specific cardiac condition. 

With over 100 cardiovascular specialists in our practice, along with our close connections to your neighborhood hospitals, it’s no wonder why we’re the nation’s largest independent cardiology practice. To see for yourself, be sure to take a look at our full list of doctors and affiliates, which can be found below.