Pledge To Equality

Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia has been and remains committed to the notion that all the patients we treat, irrespective of their race, color, ethnicity, religion, politics, or ability to pay require our care, our support, our passion to fight for their healthcare and their right to that care. 

We have seen the brazen and horrific face of racism blaze its way across our television screens reminding us of the causeless hatred that stokes those flames. We utterly reject and stand against the pernicious persistence of these senseless acts of racism.

CCP as an organization wants to take this moment to show our solidarity with our black colleagues, friends, families, patients, health care co-workers and staff as well as all of the members of our larger community.  We as caregivers have seen humanity at its worst but also at its best.  We hope and pray that this yet again remarkable act of violence, bigotry and hatred becomes the transformative event that initiates the cure for age old inequities.  This long overdue awakening to the precepts that we healthcare providers cherish, that all patients require and deserve the same level of care irrespective of their differences, must become a reality across the country and far beyond health care. 

CCP pledges to renew our commitment to work towards that day when there is full equity and tolerance, pathos and generosity, belief in the common good, presumption of innocence and the requirement that change can and will come, not by and for the next generation, but now, for this one, for us all. To ensure that we are providing care equality, CCP will be creating a research tool geared toward measuring health equality and use it to determine our short falls and then improve upon them.

We remain a hopeful group dedicated to the tenets that we have trained our whole lives to achieve, the protection of all of our patients and our community.  We firmly endorse the efforts to effectuate the long overdue and necessary transformation that must come from this tragedy. We stand in solidarity with a mourning community.

The physicians and staff of CCP