Stress Testing Supervisor

Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia is a professional medical organization committed to the healing mission of Medicine. CCP specializes in providing comprehensive cardiology care and currently has 40 locations throughout the Philadelphia area. We are currently hiring for a Cardiac Stress Testing Supervisor.


Pre-test Assessment

  • Review EMR chart for patient’s pertinent data: medical history, previous stress test, echocardiogram, coronary catheterization, reason for study, etc.
  • Interview/ inform patient: current health status, ability to perform test, symptoms, NTG use, use of inhalers, etc.
  • Assess patient: breath sounds/ wheezing, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, functional ability (treadmill), communication/ understanding
  • Determine contraindications to stress testing

Stress Testing

  • Perform proper stress ECG prep: placement of electrodes
  • Utilize equipment: electrocardiogram, computer, BP cuff, treadmill, etc.
  • Employ emergency measures: recognize/ respond to emergencies, know/employ/direct code protocol, choose/administer appropriate rescue medications, etc.
  • Perform/ supervise test: guard/ instruct patient during exercise, recognize/ employ endpoints, decide need for/ administer reversal agent, know/ choose appropriate treadmill protocols, recognize signs and symptoms of ischemia/ exercise intolerance

Clinical Skills

  • Interpret 12-lead ECG: resting, exercise, recovery (including arrhythmias, normal/ abnormal changes)
  • Interpret breath sounds/ wheezing
  • Interpret hemodynamic response: systolic and diastolic BP, heart rate, signs/symptoms of pharmacological stress or exercise intolerance/ ischemia
  • Prepare/ deliver medications (if within scope of practice)
  • Communicate effectively with patients, family members, and fellow employees
  • Know/ employ protocols and policies of CCP stress testing labs


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field: e.g., Nursing; OR Associates degree plus certification in stress testing


  • Experience with electronic medical records


Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia provides medical, vision, dental, 401k, profit sharing, LTD, generous PTO, and paid holiday time.


CCP recognizes that in serving our mission of delivering high quality cardiac care, our employees are our greatest asset.

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